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Decade of Reboot

As a male in his early 30s, I’d like to think that I’ve seen enough in my time to know what is good and what is not. That said, I’m also not going to claim to be a scholar because I’m always open to being proven wrong. However it seems to me that in the past few years, and some even before that, that we’ve become used to the idea of making what was once old new again.


Be it in a movie reboot such as Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead (original will always be better, Campbell/Raimi forever!) or a remastered video game such as Last of Us, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, the Arkham Batman series, and more to come; it seems as though we have collectively run out of ideas. And what’s worse, is that we consistently spend our time and our money on these recycled pieces because quite simply... there’s nothing else out there. Save for some rare jems that happen to come along through an independent thinker, but how often does that happen?

In some cases a reboot can be good, breathing life into a once great cinematic or gaming experience. But as a consumer, when is it time to say “enough?” Do I throw in the towel the next time I purchase a game and run into a paywall? Do I wait to see if they remake another cherished childhood memory into a Michael Bay fiasco? I just don’t know.

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